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        Introduction to Red Tiger

          Located in the northeast of Zigong City, Red Tiger Culture & Art Co.Ltd is 9 km 'a away from the the centre of the city and right next to the world-well-known museum of dinosaur. With the production base and factory covering more than 30 Mu and 8000 square meters respectively, Red Tiger is a highly-credited enterprise with its diversified business covering the research and development of program-controlled machinery stimulation dinosaurs, life-size animal models, models of dinosaur fossils and skeletons, customized landscape sculpture and lights float barge design exhibitions.

          The business ranges from art & culture services, stimulation dinosaurs and life-size animal models production, the planing design, manufacturing, exhibition and renting of stimulation creatures as well as those of the lights and float barge. Furthermore, we provide the services of design and production of landscape, lantern shows and the planing, design, production and exhibition of city lightening, the research and development of technique as well as the recreational facilities for folk tourism. Foreign trade authorized by the central government is also covered in our business.

          By adhering to the principle of integrity and common development, we uphold the vision of promoting the illumination culture of Zigong City and the prosperity of simulation industry, ensuring products with high quality, optimal services, transparent business operation and hoping to usher into a new page along with clients.

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        Tel:0813-5207456                      Mobile:13990044307

        E-Mail:13990044307@189.com              Address:Zigong Town, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, the town of Gaokan village three groups

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